About SRJ Sameday Express Couriers

SRJ Sameday have been established over 10 years and have built up a infallible track record for delivering exacting standards that are required in the modern business world. With over 30 years between them, the management team have a long history in the transport industry meaning they have a wide experience which can be called upon. Based between Taunton and Wellington in Somerset SRJ Sameday are ideally located to provide rapid response times across the Southwest.

Many same-day courier services rely heavily on the use of sub-contractors. By placing the responsibility of liability, reliability, safety, insurance and vehicle maintenance onto the sub-contractor, the operator aims to keep to a minimum their own costs and therefore achieving ultimate profitability, without regard to the resultant loss of control over both their own operation and their client’s goods. This method of operating is dramatically increasing the risk of damage or loss to the clients goods. In contrast, SRJ Sameday does not employ sub-contractors. The company has for many years invested heavily in its own vehicle fleet and employs a team of dedicated staff for both its operational and administrative roles. Therefore the risk to the client is minimal and we as a company remain in total control of your goods at all times. We believe that your goods in the same pair of hands from collection to delivery is essential to be able to complete time critical and urgent deliveries.

We know it’s not always possible to predict when you’ll need an item delivered. When important goods are required urgently, immediate delivery is often the only way to solve the problem.

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