Environmental Management Policy

We are very conscious of the effect that our business has on our environment and the positive difference that we can make to our communities by making a few simple changes.

It is of paramount importance to the company that we are not only conscious of this, but take action to do all we can to make of positive contribution.

Our environmental policy commits us to:

•    Recycling of paper, card and other materials, as appropriate, to be recycled at a local depot.

•    Sourcing and using environmentally friendly supplies, including office supplies.

•    The use of electronic means of communication to reduce the use of paper (including paper-free invoicing).

•    All promotional information is transmitted electronically and we have an outright ban on paper junk mail.

•    We encourage all our clients and agents to communicate with us electronically.

•    Switching off electrical appliances when not in use.

•    All vehicles are serviced and maintained as per manufactures guide lines.

•    All waste oil products to be recycled, tyres and batteries to be returned to suppliers for disposal under current legislation.

•    We have an early vehicle disposal system ensuring that no vehicle is older than 4 years old to ensure we are running the most fuel efficient vehicles.

•    All drivers are trained in economic and energy saving motoring techniques.

•    To promote safe and efficient driving as per SAFED training course which all members of staff have passed.

•    The latest route planning software is used to plan all routes to minimise the effect on the environment.

•     All vehicles are Euro 4/Euro 5 engines to minimise the damage to the environment.

•    We use load planning to minimise unnecessary journeys and try to insure that vehicles where possible are loaded at all times during the journey to save “empty mileage”

Signed: Scott R Jones

Last updated: 1st May 2013

Next Review Date: 1st May 2014